Saturday, 28 March 2009

Re-using a pretty tissues box

I live with two young children and use a lot of tissue paper to wipe thier face or to pick up spilled cornflakes etc. I use toilet paper instead of tissue paper because it is cheaper! Yet toilet paper doesn't look very pretty in the living room. One day I came up with this cover up idea. The good thing is that it is free as I am re-using an Ella Doran look Sainsbury's 60 Scented white tissues box. It is so easy. Give it a try!

This is a shop sold tissues box. The size is about 12cm x 12cm x 12cm.

The same thing is shown the vent side up.

Cut three sides as shown. Then create one or two tabs as shown. Turn over the tabs and staple them in place. Here, my first tab in the middle was too short and didn't work as a latch. Some mistakes do not matter though. This side will be the bottom and it won't be visible.

Close up of the tab which works as the latch.

Take a roll of toilet paper. Mine is the cheapest Sainsbury's own brand one. It is smaller than the regular brand and it fits well with in the box. I recommend pulling the paper from the middle for easy access. Think of a ball of knitting yarn... To remove the middle paper holder, squash the roll once horizontally, then squash again vertically. That way, you can bend the paper holder as shown and you can pull it out easily.

Set the middle paper hoderless toilet paper in the box you adopted. Voila!

The result looks 1000 times better than a bare toilet roll.

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