Friday, 8 May 2009

Getting rid of big and expensive clutters

It is relatively easy to bin small and inexpensive clutter but not the big and expensive stuff. Here are two ways of setting your mind to your clutter go.

1 Make yourself realise that the items are costing you money
Those big and expensive things are taking up your living space. Unless you own your house right out, then you are in fact paying a mortgage or rent every single month to keep the clutter. It is not much different from hiring a commercial storage space to keep it. Also, to protect the clutter, you might be paying an insurance premium. Lastly, in near future, your might have to pay to your council or a company to dispose large items. You already do with your car.

2 Think that you recovered your investment at the moment you shopped for it
You experienced the joy and excitement of aquireing your item. You had fun selecting, purchasing and taking it back home. You got your money worth already for the period of use however long or short. If it is no longer useful to you, then why don't you let it go? You have already recovered your investment long ago and are not acquiring any value from it anymore.

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