Friday, 3 April 2009

Under the sink rubbish bin used as storage

Our kitchen has a built-in bin, but I don't use it to dispose kitchen waste. I find it is too much to first open the cupboard door, then to lift the lid and finally to place the rubbish. It requires 3 actions. Kitchen waste is often watery and tends to leave spillages around the area. I would rather dispose of it outside of the cupboard in a free standing bin, so that I can wash the whole thing and wipe the surrounding surfaces without getting down on my knees.

This is the bin in question.

I removed the blue bucket and wiped the bin inside out. I found a part of it comes off! It is always easier to clean if things can be dissembled.

I keep non messy dry kitchen cleaning supplies here. For examples, shopping bags waiting to be re-used, sponges, blue clothes, pan scourers and a stock of bin liners.

I also use a shoe box and other empty boxes on top of this bin to keep the following things:
bin bags, surface wiping clothes, delicate wash bags and small used plastic bags.

I use the small plastic bags to collect things like vegetable skin and used kitchen towels. At the end of cooking and cleaning session, I tie it and bin it.

The contents of the shoe box is light, so I can leave it there when I lift the lid of built-in bin. Less action, Less waste of energy!

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