Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Using acrylic CD or DVD case as bookend

When I organise things inside my house, I try to strike the right balance between visual pleasantry and practicality. If everthing is behind closed doors, it might look streamlined and cool. Yet if I need to make more than 2 actions to pick up objects which are used daily or several times a day, I will start leaving them on the floor and surfaces. Because it is too much! When I have to leave things in view, I try my best so that those object look pretty.

Here, I have been using an empty cardboard box as a bookcase/bookend.

I organised the books and replaced the cardboard box with an aclyric CD case. I like using aclyric CD and DVD cases as bookend. They are clean, shiny and won't slip like the usual letter L shaped bookends. This particular CD folder is from Muji and it is about 8 pounds. A bit pricey...

I use empty cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes to organise things around my house. They are free, so I modify it as I like and when they get tired I replace them without hesitation. Here, I organised one of my son's toy box.

If you look closely, you can see that I had drawn pictures of the toys inside of the box.

Like this. It is a little difficult draw on the bottom of the box, but it doesn't have to be presise as it is not on view. If you can make out what it is, that is enough.

The box is for this toy piano.

I placed all the toys where they should go.

The box in situe. The outside box is from Muji.

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